onsdag, mai 27, 2009


and the area around.... 

I went to the OC to go to my friend Davids art show with Erika, met a lot of people, and then spend the night at Briannas house. Kelsey left me to go back to Alaska, and I wont see her in a long, long time. On sunday Erika and I went to Venice beach and i really wanted to actually see the Hollywood sign, so we drove around trying to find it, and take pictures with it. And then we went to Santa Clarita and spend the night with Jenny and Amy, and got to celebrate Jennys 21st birthday! 

so I had a good weekend!

LA traffic.. hate it...

Found it!
Liked it and tried to take pictures of it...
Photo 1: it would be right behind me head.
Photo 2: what can I say? We totally missed it!
Photo 3: um, it would be riiiight where Erika has her hand..
Photo 4: Aiii, I missed Erika....
Photo 5: GOT IT! But its really small!
Photo 6: We just had to take one more photo.... haha

JENNY! Happy Birthday! I had FUN!
Birthday cookie! 
Amy, Jenny, Me and Erika!
When you are 21 in the states you have to buy alcohol... Amy however, is not 21, and a pastors daughter, so she decided not join that.... hahaha

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