torsdag, september 24, 2009

Ole- the worship- dude!
3 fantastic boys at the youthgroup! They are FREAKs future, and that makes med EXCITED!!!!


It kinda weird, I am in Norway!!! Its fun, I love it, but there are times I wake up after a night of sleep, wondering where I am. Mexico still feels so close, yet so far away. Its been 3 months. Over 3 months. And I didnt get how long that is before I got to see Jessy, Teyus and Kayia when they came to Norway a couple of weeks ago. Teyus is the number 1 example of how long 3 months are!!! He had gotten SO big, a walked, were everywhere and looked more like Ingvar than ever before.
I had a lot of fun hanging out with them talking, and it made me think about Mexico ones again... Wow, I learned so much from being there!!

Lena Anette!
Mother and son

Lena Anette and Emilie


Oslo: Went there on an AFS meeting, and got to hang out with Tonje and Marie as well. :) YAY for friends!!

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Anonym sa...

må bare si at det 3.bilde, var heeelt forferdelig:P hahaha offffameg!