lørdag, september 02, 2006

Back with pics!

So, what do you do when you're bored a saturday evening (I'm babysitting my brothers...)? Well, first of all you have to find out what you have to do with the pics to make them fit here.... And so I did, and here you go!
And sense I've been talking so much about them....

Sweden pics!

They're finally here. They're few, but they're funny, and there's a lot of humor and thoughts behind them!

Departure... We had to wait almost 1 hour in front of Kiwi in Stange, cause Jo Yngve had forgotten somehing home... But it was alright!

Grocery shopping in Sweden!

Pål and David!

On the parking lot...

The guys and the Furbees... and Helene...

It's the look...

Epelering is the word... and it hurts!


On our way to Liseberg!

Right outside the haunted house....

And yeah, it was deff raining!

That one's SCARY!

Heck yeah we went swimming at 5 am!

Helene and Pål... In the middle of the night..

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