torsdag, september 07, 2006

YOU are perfect in God

"What do you thing you are good at?". The question was last asked me Tuesday by Jon-Arne (my youth pastor). “Dang”, I thought “what am I good at?”.
It's been a while sense I first asked myself that question, party cause the world forced me to do it. So, what am I good at? Well... I can cook. I know that, not because I really love what I'm cooking, but because others do. Or at least they say they do... So I hope they're telling me the truth. If not they'll just have to eat my stuff and pretend to like it. Well, even though I can cook, I do a lot of mistakes when I do it. Like when Helene and I was responsible for the dinner the last day we were in Sweden... We were making "Grøt", and bought 5 bags with rice for it. When we got home David came to us and asked us what we were thinking. To be honest I don't know what we were thinking, whatever it was it was totally wrong!!! We ended up using about 1/2 a bag of rice. To all 14 people... The rest we brought home and I could hand it over to my grandma who now probably has rice for the rest of this year... and next year....
Well, whatever. What more am I good at? Writing notes! Dude, I’m good at that... At least that’s what I’ve heard. Can’t really say I’ve noticed it myself, but when I get a lot of happy faces turned my way because I do it, I can’t really say that I want to stop...
So, both of the things I’ve said I’m good at, I’ve told you because others have told me. It’s not like I’m writing a note to my self, and when I’m reading it I’m thinking “Wow, Martine. Good job. Now I feel a lot more better!!”. But I love when other people say that to me. That’s when I know I’m good at something. When people tell me so.
So why don’t we go around telling people what they’re good at? It doesn’t take time, it doesn’t take much effort. All you have to do is say “Good job!” or “Way to go!” or even something longer and even nicer to someone you care about. The truth is that we’re all good at something. And it’s a lot of fun hearing someone telling you that you’re good at something! Maybe we already know that we are, but the world keep on saying “Whatever you do, don’t say you’re good at something! Don’t accept the fact that others thinks you’re good at something! Then the world will think you think you’re good at everything!” It’s called to brag...
Even though I’m a good cook, I SUCK in drawing. I promise you, my drawings... uh... they’re just ugly! Well, the world says: “Whatever you do, don’t say that!! Then world will think you’re not good at anything!”
So basically the world suck... It tells us to keep quiet no matter what! And if we keep on being quiet when people tells us that something we did or made was nice, well then they’ll stop saying it. And then you’re in “the evil circle”. Cause a lot of people today need somebody to tell them that they’re good at something to believe it. And if we just keep quiet and never tell anybody that they’re doing something good, a lot of people will think they’re not good at anything!
So here’s to all of you thinking you’re not worth a thing: YOU ARE!
Here’s to you who don’t think you have any positive parts: YOU HAVE!Here’s to you who think you’re a loser: YOU’RE NOT!
Here’s to you who think you can’t do anything right: YOU CAN!

God made us perfect for him. We are not meant to be of the world, that’s why we don’t fit in perfectly, that’s why we can’t to everything perfect. We were created by God. He knew all your talents and all your flaws from the very beginning. But he created you perfect for him, perfect for the Lord of lords and the King of kings. Now that’s something to brag about! And dude, that’s something we should brag about! That’s what He called us to do: go out to all the corners of the world and brag about how perfect He is, and how perfect we are in Him.

So let’s brag! Let’s go out to the corners of the world, the country, the town or your school with the good news. We are perfect! Not for this world. But for God.

Here’s my challenge to you today: Go out and tell your friends about what they’re good at. Tell them over and over again, and do not stop even though they’ll deny it the first, second or even the 99th time. On that way we can all spread Gods wonderful creature without yelling “JESUS LOVES YOU!”. Even though that’s true, I’ve noticed that a lot of people close their ears when you tell them... Work your way to the top, start with the small, but important parts, like self-confidence. It’s SO important if you want to understand God. But it’s also important to understand God if you want self-confidence...

And if you’re not a Christian, still, tell you’re friends what they’re good at! You can never hear it enough!

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