tirsdag, januar 27, 2009


Sorry!! Im back I promise! But Im not promising too many pics, and none on this post.. but an update about my life, you will get!!

So, I am still here in San Jose, Costa Rica. Ill just give you a quick overlook over what Ive been up to so far: 10 quick facts about my life!!

1)Im in my second week of my language school, and on wednesday I talked politics on Spanish for 2 hours with my two other classmates.... 
2)I have figured out that the grammar class I take every tuesday morning is SUPER boring, but SUPER necessary!
3)Kelsey and I have been hanging out with Mimi. I loved it! 
4) I went out with the Millers old foreign exchange student last week! fun!
5)I forget to take pics
6)I have joined the local gym. Its pretty small, super nice and very expensive, but I get to work out (and for once in my life I have time for it, so Im there almost every day), and they have HOT SHOWERS!!! That was one of my main reasons for joining. 
7) Saturday a bunch of us went out for karaoke, and I must say that the School Of Worship guys are REALLY talented!!! 
8)Yesterday the boys played soccer in Parque Bosque. It was fun, not Ensenada, but it felt sooo good to hang out by a soccer court again!
9) I have gotten my work duty schedule, and its pretty intense, but it will work out. 
10) I still have no idea when I am suppose to return to Ensenada, but I will sometime i february and I am staffing Spring Mission Adventures. 

Thats it! :) Just a short one to say that Im still alive. Enjoy and Ill be back with more!!

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