mandag, november 03, 2008

My Travel So Far In Pics. 

Kinda random order some places. Sorry about that. 

When I first saw Marie again at Heathrow!

Party at Heathrow!
Marie and I on the airplane!
Nighttime view from Jennys house. 
At College of the Canyons...
View from Jennys house during daytime.
Mais and I had lunch while Jenny was at school. 
Yep, I dont have any lips.
This is the real thing, guys! The clothes they wore IN THE MOVIE!

Movie gang!
Jackie and Britney got to come up on stage and had to sing and dance... And they got prices! 
High School Musical 3. yay
Walk of Fame.

When Erika came!! She made me a welcome back/birthday basket! 
Dior. niiice

Erika and I had Pinkberry as our birthday "icecream". 
wow, status.
It was SOO good seeing Erika again!
Erika felt so cool with her FAKE purse. Haha
Ok, so Erika and I were walking back to the car, when I saw this beauty. Haha. The firemen came walking towards us on the sidewalk, and I was like "Erika, picture this: I take a pic of the car, and then they come and say like ´you want a picture with us?´". Well, that was not exactly what happened.. They came walking towards us and one of them said "You can climb in if you want to, and we can take a picture of you!" lol
And here´s the pic! haha. And we even got one of the firefighters with us on it!
Erika, I love you!
Maisen ligner en hund. but we still love her.

2 kommentarer:

Jenny sa...

For en herlig blanding av bilder da Marty, ikke dårlig!

Martine sa...

hva kan jeg si? voff voff?

Btw hvorfor har du ikke med bilde av meg å Beckham???!!!