onsdag, november 19, 2008

Its been a while…

Life is good in Mexico. The last couple of days Ive been working a lot in the cafe.. Cleaning, redoing a couple of stuff, and tomorrow Im gonna build shelfs. 

Its still like 30 degrees celsius utside, which is not normal for this time of the year. But Im fine with that, really… Erika came down this weekend to hang out, and we went to the back and took like 100 pics. Not even kidding. It was fun talking to her again, open up my heart and just talk about EVERYTHING. Everybody needs a person like Erika in their life, thats my motto. Haha. No, really!!!

Dts reunion: Sarvia, our DTS leader, me, Erika and Kelsey. 

Kelsey has left, and Im now officialy in charge of the cafe. It`s wired not having her here. Im still doing ok, we have the TJ DTS here now, so there are twice as many DTS students here, and DTS staff. More work in the café during the breaks, and a little more hecktick, but it works.

Life is good, but hard and challenging at the same time. Im learning a lot. Liking it, but its hard too… Good thing I have something to look forward to! Ingrid is probably coming down for Thanksgiving, she visiting Jenny in LA next week. And Shanie is coming the 29th, staying for a week. That’s exciting! Kelsey, Giezi and I have had different meetings about our trip to Costa Rica. We are all doing schools there, Kelsey and I are doing the Children At Risk School, while Giezi is doing School Of Worship. We´ll be leaving dec 29th, and fly down to Mexico City to spend some time at the base there, where we did our outreach. We are still in contact with them, and I think it will be fun seeing them again. So we are spending New Years in D.F, pretty cool! Then we head down to Chiapas, a state in Mexico where Giezi has friends and family. From there we are taking the bus down to Costa Rica. It’s the cheapest way, and the most fun! To do this we all need about 400 dollars each, just for travel expenses. We will also have to pay for housing, cause in some of the places the bus arrives in the evening, and doesn’t depart before the day after. We´ve decided to do a little bit of fundraising, and collect money for all of us, and they pay the rest of the amount from our own pockets. So if you want to help us out; feel free to take contact with me/us!

Im gonna try to take some pics from the base and the area around here soon, so you can see what its really like! But in the meantime, enjoy the pics from the beach with Erika and I… 

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Marie sa...

marty! jeg har jo vært der du er:)
så koselig å lese om det du gjør!
jeg savner deg jo allerede! ingen å ringe 24-7 nå! serr! gla i deg:)

Anonym sa...

Hei Martine!
Nå har jeg endelig funnet fram til bloggen din igjen.Det høres ut som du har det flott! Kos deg videre! Vi her i Kristiansand tenker mye på deg!
Hisen tante og onkel.