lørdag, november 29, 2008

Time goes by.... Just a little messy update! About nothing and everything... Enjoy.

Sarvia, Kelsey, Erika and me at starbucks!

Revolution Hoy- the skateboard ramp outside the base.

Thanksgiving 2008 was celebrated… We are in Mexico, and its definitely NOT a holiday here, but sense we love our American staff so much, we are celebrating it anyways! It was ok, the food was good! We have a team down here building with Homes Of Hope, and they cooked for us. ☺ Great! There was also a talent/non talent show, so that was pretty sweet. Yeah yeah, still not the biggest fan of the holiday- still don’t like pumpkin pie…

William and Paul came down from OC for Thanksgiving, here with two of the 6 Kemp kids- Asher and Noah.
Thanksgiving dinner in the Worshiphall
My table of DTS students, Gordana (Germany), Lilly (Sussies friend from Romania/Canada/Germany), Sussie (Canada), Patience (USA), Meredith (USA) and me.

On base...
Giezi´s answer to Guns n´Roses - bee bee guns and roses..
Sarvia and another one of the Kemps kids- Tianna.

Revolution day in Mexico, not sure what your actually suppose to do, but at the base we celebrated it by having the dining area filled with Mexican colors, people wore Mexican sombreros, and the kids had a piñata. I liked it. Not sure what we celebrated though, I guess that it has something to do with the Mexican vs Spain thing… Yeah. It was fun anyways… ☺

Monste is Mexican!
Hillary is American, but Giezi is Mexican. Haha

Giezi took me to a concert with ”Intocable”, it was pretty mexican, and so much fun!!! We got there at like 8ish, but ”Intocable” wasnt scheduled to enter the stage before 10:30. Little did that help, they didn’t come on until a few minuts to midnight, but it was worth the wait- at least for the Mexicans… They has fun, and this wasn’t Postgirobygget on Domkirkeodden, this was in a baseball area, where people were dancing Salsa everywhere! Nice!!

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