lørdag, november 08, 2008

So I’m back…. In Mexico. And I´m absolutely LOVING it!!!!

I’ve only been here for like 24 hours, but it feel so right, and its been fun! Really, nothing has happened… Jenny and Marie are here with me, so I’ve been showing them around in Ensenada…. I’ve had the Tacos I’ve longed so for, and been down town and to ZoTaza. Giezi and I have been jeeping, driving around with no meaning, I’ve started watching a movie, been hanging out with Kelsey in the café and shopping for stuff for the café, had dinner and pancakes for breakfast (yay!), had hospitality brunch, and I’ve done laundry. And a lot more stuff…. And its not raining (yet), over 30 Celsius and NO clouds- YAY again!! There hasn’t been to much change here, a couple of new people, and some new babies, but nothing too bad. Haha. The kids on the base had grown a LOT, but that’s ok.

So, on the way down here, Jenny, Marie and I stopped in San Diego to say hi to Erika… We went to Pacific Beach and Marie took a swim in the water. We talked to Eirik on the phone from Montana. And when we went to the YWAM office in San Diego and said hi to Ingvar, and got to meet their baby boy, Teyus. He´s beautiful, and pretty big….

Talking with Eirik!
Erika and I
Erika found this, and is showing us all the ways you can use it.... as a baseball batt... 
...The Olympic Fire thing...
...to unplug a toilet... that one was for Jenn.
Right before the border!
We´re in Mexico!!!
Sunset on the way!
Driving into Ensenada...
Down Town!
My girls!
In Ensenada by the flag!

Sunset behind a palm-tree... 
This is Ensenada, my mission field. 
Giezi´s jeep... 

2 kommentarer:

Jenny sa...

Good times...
Haaper du har det bra, det tror jeg du har. Glad i deg!

David Aasen sa...

Gøy å se at du og dere har det bra.
Varmt er det sikkert der borte og.

Snakkes :)