fredag, januar 09, 2009

EL SALVADOR           


So, we are in El Salvador. Its pretty fun! The bus trip from Guatemala and here, did not go as expected. When we came to the Ticabus station, they told there were no more tickets, so we had to ask the guy that drove us from Antigua to take us somewhere else. He took us to a bus station where we took the King Quality bus, which was more expensive, but it was way better buses. Kinda felt like an airplane; movies and a girl serving us food and giving us a blanket and pillow. Pretty sweet.

We arrived in San Salvador, and Kelseys friend Nestor met us at the bus station, and we walked to the YWAM base here in town. Its small, but super cute and I love the people!!!  The first night they took us out to a coffee shop by a mall, and the next day to the beach and then Nestor, Giezi, Kelsey and I went out for dinner. Oh and we had ice cream! Yummi!!! So, we were suppose to leave San Salvador last night (like 3 am), but we were too late in trying to book the tickets, so we had to stay here another day. No worries though, we love it here!! But tomorrow we have to leave, and we don’t know if we are spending a night in Managua, Nicaragua, or just go strait to Costa Rica,  at the moment. Its all good.


The border!

Me and Nestor
Out for coffee.
We went to the beach. We left Kelsey in the backseat, while me and Giezi took our spot back on the truck. Ahh, it was a NICE ride!! I wish it was legal in Norway...


On the way from the beach we stopped by this little tienda by the way and bough coconut jucie. 
Fresh Coconut...
Out for Ice Cream!
Timos brother Simo. So, I was talking to Simo and said that we had an estonian guy doing his DTS in Norway last year, and he was like "that´s my brother". Haha. 
David´s friend Jessie! Haha! Small world. David took his SOW when Jessie took her DTS in Montana in like 2005. 

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