mandag, januar 19, 2009

Costa Rica!


So Im here, at the San Jose base. I can promise you that its been quite a change, from amazing and big Ensenada, to a lot smaller and not known San Jose. I share room with 3 now; Kelsey, Elena and Karina. Elena is from El Salvador, while Karina is local. Together we share bathrooms with what seems like 100 girls (at least when you are trying to take a shower in the morning…), but in reality I think we are like 15 or 20. The San Jose base is pretty much just two normal houses made into a base, so at the house where I live we eat all our meals (and I also sleep here, together with my roommates, all the DTS girls and some DTS staff), and at the other house (where Giezi and all the other boy students, the rest of the CAR girls and all the SOW girls sleep), we have classrooms. I LOVE the CAR classroom!! Its really small, but super cute. Pictures will come.

So: as I said, the line for the shower in the morning is looong, but thankfully (or not) im so lucky to have gotten the work duty ”Breakfast prep and clean up”. And luckily (im really trying to be positive…) breakfast at this base is at 6:30 in the morning!! So, there are both good and negative things about that: the negative is that I have to get up like SUPER early every single morning, the positive is that normally no one else is up so early, so I can take a shower (that means that I have to be up at around 5:15-5:30 ish…………….), and another good thing about the timing is that normally not even half of the base show up for breakfast, so we dont have too much dishes…


The school I went here to take is called “children at risk”. Its about….um, children at risk… I believe its an amazing school, but not for me… actually… During this first week I got to know a lot more about what the school is about (all I knew when I came was the name of it), and we got challenged by our speaker about where our role was and what our desires are and stuff. And what I found, was that my desires, by vision for the future, are not the same as this school. I feel like Im it a crossroad in my life, and that the children at risk school is going to the left, while me myself and I is going to the right. And it feels right! So, after a lot of praying and a lot of talking with my leaders and co students, Ive decided to leave the school. And I feel nothing but peace. Some of you might think that it was stupid of me coming all the way down here to figure out that it was all wrong for me; but I am soooo happy to be here! This week has been amazing, Ive learned soooo much about God and myself, and I really truly to have a clearer view of my future. Not all the answers, but more… And I am going to stay here on base, and go to a local language school here in San Jose with a new friend of mine; Erika, at least for a month. And I am SO looking forward to that! And after that I will be going back to Ensenada, and hopefully (if my roomie will let me) staff Spring Mission Adventures. Yay!!

So God has been good and faithful, and as normal He works in different ways than what I predict and think… He amazes me more and more.


So its all good, Im liking it here. Its not that much to say. Oh hold on: the day after I got here, I got to meet up with Sophie and Ella!! They are travelling around the world for 4 months, and right now they are here in San Jose! Well, they were…. So we meet up at the mall here, and together with them was MIMI!! Yay! Mimi was a foreign exchange student with AFS the year after I got back from Kansas, so we were hanging out then, and it was so nice seeing here again!!! She lives here in San Jose, so Ill probably see more to her! Yay! So that was exciting!




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Ella sa...

det er bra du fikk bestemt deg tidlig. er ikke noe goey aa vaere et sted man ikke foeler seg helt vel med. skal du tilbake til mexico naa? var veldig koselig aa se deg igjen :)