onsdag, januar 21, 2009

just some pics..
meeting up with mimi, sophie and ella!

Warner, Suzanne, Debra and Kelsey!
my bed! (the top one..)
We went downtown! In front the Ensenada Team; Me, Kelsey and Giezi, in the back, Suzanne and Jeff.
Children At Risk Staff Jessie´s birthday party!
Suzanne and Brianna sang her a song.
And then the boys decided to make every song they sang dedicated to Jessie... 

Brianna (top) and Suzanne (bottom) are doing the Children At Risk school, and we are the cool gang. Hahaaaaa!

This is Erika who I´m doing the Language school with. We have a korean team here for 3 weeks, and they wrote down our names in korean one time we drove with them to school!

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