søndag, januar 04, 2009

Estamos en Chiapas, Mexico.


Ok, so we are still in south Mexico, but now in Chiapas. After leaving Pachuca, we went to the airport in Mexico City, meeting up with Noel, another friend from our DTS outreach! We spend some time back and forth with our luggage, trying not to have to pay overweight, and we did it!! J  As a YWAMer you cant afford stuff like that!! Haha.

So, from Mexico City, we took the plane to Tuxtla, Chiapas. The original plan was to take a bus here, but thanks to God, we got CHEAP flight tickets, and figured it was better to save 40 dollars and about 10 hours, so we went for the flight.. Yay.

Here in Tuxtla we are staying with some of Giezi´s friends, and we are trying to see some of what Chiapas has to offer. We don’t have too much time; we are leaving today for Guatemala, so its short and sweet and fun… Some pics, of course!!!



Um, I was thinking about the fact that I don’t know if you all know why I am here, why Im on this crazy roadtrip trough Mexico and Central America… But here is the deal; Im going to Costa Rica to do a secondary school with Youth With A Mission in San Jose. Kelsey and I are doing a school called Childen At Risk. Once I told Kelsey that I wanted to do the school, and she was like “NO WAY, I do too!! Lets go together!!”. Some days, or weeks later, I was talking to Giezi, and he told me that he wanted to go to Costa Rica to do School Of Worship… So when we found out that we were all going to the same base, at the same time, we figured that it would be sweet to travel together… And then the travel turned into a roadtrip, and here we are!!

I love me team: Kelsey and Giezi. They are great! Kelsey and I have a tendency of getting into trouble, or not trouble, but just challenges (usually cause we are foreigners...), and Giezi is the hero who always saves us, usually by the fact that he speaks Spanish…….. Haha. Dont worry, we are not in trouble, its just that the taxi drivers will charge us extra, and I dont know how its going to be at the different borders we are going to pass during the trip... No, its great, we are all different parts of Gods Body, and Im thankful that I have them here with me! And especially for Giezi and his Spanish….. J


Hanging out with Noel in Mexico City!

We went to EL Chiflon, about 3 hours away from Tuxtla to go hiking, and some other stuff… But after spending x amount of hours in different busses, we ended up just hiking one waterfall (BEAUTIFUL), and eat in a small very charming town. And wait a lot. It was good, relaxing and good. The waterfall wasn’t too different from the Norwegian waterfalls, but the veggitation and stuff around it was unknown for me. So it was pretty cool. They had a viewpoint you could go up to, and you would get all wet. So we went there, cause I would think that it was about 30 Celsius outside, so it was nice. 

The motorcycle bike... :)

haha, my camera got a little wet, thats the reason for the dots on the picks... 

Me, Kelsey and Giezi.
We were pretty wet..... haha
The waterfall!!!
Me and Kelsey trying to get the waterfall behind us... I have about 5 pics like this.... 

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Noel sa...

This is a HUGE story of your life... Honorable.

I love the work than you are doing, specially because it is in the name of good, in the name of God. And the stories that you are telling are exciting.

Good work, I love your work, honestly.