torsdag, januar 08, 2009


After spending some days in Chiapas, we went to Guatemala. After about 14 hours in a bus, we arrived in Guatemala City, and from there we took a cab to Antigua, about 45 minutes outside the city. Its a small, very touristy town, with lots of small shops and old buildings. Pretty romantic kinda, and a lot of pretty buildings. We only stayed there for like 1 1/2 day, but it was so worth it!!!

Higher Ground Coffee House- the YWAM cafe in Antigua!

They are real! :)

We went to a hotel with ruins with... Santa Dominga or something. It was really cool!!

We went to hike a volcano. It was a long, kinda hard hike, but fun as well.

...and then we finally made it to the lava. Intense. Hot. I bbq marshmallows. 

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awwhh.. I've always wanted a parrot, think you could bring one home for me? Good to see you're enjoying your trip. Bless